• MedYWat is managed by the Center for Mediterranean Integration Marseille. It is a community of young water professionals from different backgrounds working on water in the Mediterranean. This group was launched during the first Wold Water Day youth workshop on treated wastewater reuse (Marseille, March 2017). The group’s motto is “Empowering, Connecting & Change-Making”. It values inclusiveness, innovation and a collaborative spirit. Members consider water as a critical public good in the region and are determined to positively impact the fragile water situation of the Mediterranean region, while connecting with other youth water networks around the world to amplify the voice of youth on the regional and global water and environmental agendas.
  • The Energy Subsidy Reform Online Community (ESROC) brings together government officials from around the world, experts from the World Bank and from other international organizations interested in reforming energy subsidies. This members-only online platform is a safe space for frank discussion (Chatham House rules apply), networking among peers, and exchanging knowledge and experiences to help overcome the challenges of reforming energy subsidies. The platform is run by ESMAP and is open to all participants in ESMAP events about energy subsidies.
  • Online Community for Knowledge Sharing on Access Solutions for Innovative Patented Medicines
  • The Solid Waste Management online community aims to achieve fluid knowledge sharing between solid waste management community members of all affiliations. Through document sharing, discussions, and events, we hope to create awareness of solid waste issues and innovations across the globe.
  • Members are encouraged to share any ideas and material related to the following: (1) Public Urban Spaces: the urban spaces within the public realm such as parks, plazas, streets, waterfronts and public buildings; (2) Urban Fabric and Placemaking: the physical environment and their associated economic and social activities; (3) Cityscapes: the city through the broader lens of urban planning, urban design and architecture, which contributes to the overall urban environment and systems; and (4) Streetscapes: the detailed aesthetic and functional design elements of streets and public spaces, including roads, facades, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and pavement etc., that come together to form the character of public spaces
  • Publib group 65 upgrade
  • ASL stakeholders who include government representatives and associated project partners from 7 countries, implementing agency staff members, and donors in Latin America who are working in projects to protect globally significant biodiversity in the Amazon
  • Africa Impact Evaluation Workshops
  • Public collaboration platform to share resources, publications, knowledge materials and to exchange ideas, discussion questions, and food-for-thought in the area of agriculture finance.
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