Learning from Megadisasters

The new knowledge notes under cluster 7 

Under the Learning from Megadisasters project, a final set of Knowledge Notes in Thematic Cluster 7 have been developed. The last 4 KNs are focusing on the recovery and reconstruction process in Tohoku and also provide some additional and more detailed information about the process in Fukushima.

Our community members Ms. Malka OlderMr. Mohamed RezaMr. Tito BondeMs. Ksenia Chmutina and Mr. Jacopo Monzini provided their comments and review on all the KNS. The team is very grateful for their inputs and revisions.






Click below to read the draft KNs developed under Thematic Cluster 7:

1. The recovery process after GEJE: relocation in the Tohoku area - KN 7.1Click below to read the draft KNs developed under Thematic Cluster 7:

2. The recovery process after GEJE: reconstruction - KN 7.2
3. The recovery process after GEJE: cultural heritage and preservation - KN 7.3
4. The recovery process in Fukushima - KN 7.4

(Please note that all the notes will go through an extensive editing process, as soon as comments and reviews are incorporated.)

Background Information on our first community project

The first phase of the project “learning from Mega Disasters” delivered a set of 32 “Knowledge Notes” grouped into six thematic clusters (read more). Members were asked to propose a theme for the new Knowledge Notes under cluster 7 (read more). We are thankful to our members: Ms. Malka Older, Mr. Tito Bonde, Mr. Bruce Summers, & Mr. Nirmalan Dhas who proposed themes for the New Knowledge Notes Under Cluster 7 (read more)


Learning from Mega-Disasters Community of Practice (CoP) is a knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Exchange program that is established by the Government of Japan and the World Bank to collect and analyze information, data, and evaluations performed by academic and research institutions, nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, and the private sector, with the intent of sharing Japan’s knowledge on disaster risk management (DRM) and post disaster reconstruction with countries that are vulnerable to disasters. This CoP will serve as a venue where experts can share views, discuss new topics, upload documents and add comments and suggestions.